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Ziffit Review-Real Money For Your Old Items?

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Ziffit Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Ziffit.

Ziffit is an online platform that allows you to dispose old books, DVDs, CDS, and games. 

In my Ziffit review today I will be explaining how you can earn online by selling your items via the Ziffit platform.

You’ll learn whether the Ziffit platform is legit, and if so, how you can use it to earn money.

I will also be discovering what users of Ziffit are saying about it, and discussing Ziffits likely pros and cons should you decide to give it a try.

Is Ziffit Legit?

Ziffit is a legitimate company that profits by saving unwanted items from landfills. They’re a very large company with warehouses in several countries.

Ziffit launched their website and app in 2013. Since then they’ve done very well because physical book sales are actually increasing. Similarly, digital music downloads have been decreasing while physical album sales have been increasing.

Stephen Boobyer, one of Ziffit’s founders, has reported that the company has traded over 7 million items. They also have 44 members of staff.

In Ziffit’s business model, they allow sellers to enter the barcode of an item that they’re interested in trading in order to get an instant offer for it. This has helped the company to grow significantly. In fact in 2015, they grew by 30% in sales.

The market for preloved goods has been steadily growing and this has helped the company to grow as well. Ziffit is a legitimate company that’s regarded as a market leader.

How Does Ziffit Work?

You can generate money from Ziffit by selling used items such as books and DVDs. Ziffit lets you trade items in specific categories, so if you’re an avid gamer or you have a large collection of movies, you can earn from them on the site.

You can look around your home for items that you would like to trade for cash or need to remove from your shelves to make extra space. 

Members can complete a trade on the app simply by scanning barcodes on your device’s camera.

The app will then tell you instantly how much the item is worth. You then pack the items and post them. You will then get paid in cash or by cheque.

Making Use Of InPost 

InPost partners with Ziffit to collect your items. So, you won’t need to mail them in. This prevents delays since you can drive to your nearest InPost locker and get your item to Ziffit faster instead of having to wait on a courier.

InPost is available 24/7. So, you can do that on any day that’s convenient to you, during the daytime or night.

The Collect+ network can also be used to send in your items which should be secured in a cardboard box. This platform has trading rules. So you usually can’t trade a single item.

You must either meet a minimum in value or quantity to trade on Ziffit To meet the minimum in value, the total number of items in your basket will have to reach £5.

To meet the minimum in quantity, you’ll need to have at least 10 items in the basket. You can trade by meeting either minimum. So, you won’t have to meet both.

For example, if you only have three items in your basket but they have a total value of £5.40, you can trade  since you would have met the minimum of £5.00.

How Does Ziffit Pay You?

When you’ve boxed your items and sent them in via courier or carried them to a drop off point, you’ll be paid.

Your money will be sent to you via direct bank transfer, PayPal or in the form of a check.

The payment method you choose will determine the processing time. PayPal is the quickest option as the processing takes just 3 days, whereas bank transfer or check takes 5 days.

What You Need To Ensure

To ensure you make sales, all items must:

– Be original and not pirated

– Have original barcodes or ISBN

– Have no discoloured or missing pages – Be in good condition

– contain no illegal, pornographic, stolen or any other obscene content.

– Be free of security tags

– Be properly packaged

Check out the video advert for Ziffit below;

How Much Can You Make With Ziffit?

The amount of cash that you can make on Ziffit depends on what you sell and the volume of items. If you only limit yourself to what you can find inside your home you’ll limit what you can earn.

However, if you decide to make it into a steady side gig and collect items from other people to sell on the site, you can earn a regular amount every month. You could for example generate an extra £50 per month with little effort.

Whenever you want to sell an item and you enter the bar code, you can click Get Value in order to learn how much money you can get for that item.

By doing so for a few different items that you plan to sell, you can quickly learn which categories can generate the most profit for you. So, you can focus on collecting and reselling items in those categories.

For example, I discovered that a live recording of a band that played in a venue that was local to the band was worth £2.50.

Another example is with DVDs such as Blade Runner 2049 which can be traded for £0.60. However, the DVD + digital + Bluray version of the movie Ferdinand can be traded for £1.60.

This site however doesn’t accept movies that are only in Blu-ray format, so you won’t be able to sell those. Despite that, they’ll generally pay more when a movie is available in several formats.

So, you’ll make more money by selling movies that have a higher price tag attached. If you plan to go into this as a business, it’s worth checking the different variations of movie formats to determine which ones will be most profitable for you.

If you’re selling books it’s helpful to look for those that are in demand. For example, some texts, such as Of Other Worlds by C.S. Lewis, may not be highly in demand. So, they might not be accepted at the time that you wish to sell them.

However, books that have been heavily promoted in the media, such as Where the Crawdads Sing, will usually be accepted by the site. This particular title could be traded for £3.00.

So, most of the items that you might want to sell on the site can be traded for at least £0.60. The more expensive items can be sold for £3.00.

On average, if you’re trading 30 items a month on the platform, you could expect to earn at least £18 per month.

Ziffit Payment Proof

I have quite a few items I want to sell via The Ziffit App, so this is where I will keep updating the review with my payment proofs as and when I receive payment.

In my first package I put 6 books I no longer wanted. They were in decent condition but I wasn’t going to read them again so they were just taking up space in the house.

Ziffit payment proof

As you can see from the above screenshot, I chose PayPal as the payment method, and used InPost as carrier. I posted my items on 12 September.

By 23 September the payment was in my PayPal account.

Ziffit Payment proof

More Payments I’ve Received From Ziffit

Ziffit-Payment Proof

Ziffit payment proof

Ziffit Reviews

Members like to sell on Ziffit. They appreciate the convenience of being able to drop off their items at convenient locations. They also appreciate the option of using labels for shipping.

Members like the fact that they can have their items sent to the company by courier for free. They like the overall convenience of doing business with them.

Members say that all of the options that they have for payment are convenient. If they wish, they can receive their money from their PayPal or even a direct deposit to their account.

Those who may not have a PayPal or bank account can also receive payment via a check. However, members wish that factors such as availability did not affect prices.

For example, if a book that they are reselling is widely available, that will affect the price. Despite that, users are pleased that they usually get payment in as little as 3 days if they select PayPal as a payment option.

They say the platform sticks to its maximum of seven days for checks and other payments.

Like all platforms there are some complaints raised by its users. Some members are frustrated by items that don’t get accepted. Others complain that they don’t get as much for the items as they would like.

I would love to hear from any users of Ziffit that want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Ziffit?

  • Ziffit makes it easy for you to sell your textbooks and other books that you might not need anymore. You
    can also easily create space around your home by using the app.
  • Ziffit makes it easy for you to sell your items. Even if you’re selling for the first time, as soon as you
    navigate to their home page you’ll see a bar in which you can place the code for the item that you wish to
    sell. This is prominently displayed on the site so you don’t have to spend time looking around.
  • Ziffit has apps for both Android and iOS users. So, you can sell on the go. While on your phone, you can use
    features such as their InPost locker finder to locate the outlet that’s nearest to you.
  • You can search the map or enter your postcode to find the outlet that’s closest to you. They also have a tool
    for the Collect+ network. This allows you to search by using your address or by using the map.
  • This platform preserves the environment by preventing CDs and other unwanted items from entering
    landfills. They help your books and console games to find new homes where they’ll be appreciated. In the
    end, everybody wins by using this platform. Additionally, you can also help a charity by choosing to donate your earnings to them.

What Are The Cons Of Ziffit?

  • Ziffit only caters to people who want to sell items in specific categories. So, if you wish to sell old handbags,
    you can’t do it here. If you want to sell Blu-ray movies such as Blue Planet 2, you also cannot sell them on
  • This site does business in several locations, including the UK. So if you’re in the United States you can visit their US site to sell your old DVDs and other gear. Although they’re steadily growing you can’t sell books and other gear in every country around the world.

Some Final Thoughts On Ziffit

In this Ziffit review, you’ve learned how you can earn cash by selling your books, CDs and games online using The Ziffit platform.

If you need money in a hurry, this site lets you make some from gear that you have around your house. You could even consistently generate income on the site by collecting and then reselling items from people in your community.

Since Ziffit is available in several countries, you can use it to earn if you’re in the United Kingdom and the United States. However, you’ll need to check to be certain whether you can use this to earn online in other countries.

Your money will be transferred to you or the charity of your choice via a secure method. You may not get very much for some of your items, and not all of them will be accepted by the site, however Ziffit at the very least offers the opportunity for you to free up some space in your house without adding to landfill.

Since Ziffit is convenient and reliable, this platform is recommended

Star Rating 3/5-A legit platform designed to offer a convenient way for you to get rid of specific items you no longer want.

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Thanks for checking out my review of Ziffit. I hope it helped you gain some insight into what this platform can offer you and whether it will benefit you personally.

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